At 20:55 Stations 107(Turkeytown), 17(Smithton), 19(Yukon), 58(Scottdale), Tanker 74(East Huntingdon) and Air 38(Mt. Pleasant) were activated for reports of smoke and flames coming from the rear of a ...
This past Wednesday a young man was working on a house in when he was injured in an accident. He sustained life threatening injuries to his arm while severing several arteries and veins. He was brough...
As storms rolled through the Smithton Area around 21:00, roadways began to flood as calls came in to the 9-1-1 center. Station 17(Smithton) was originally activated for a flooded roadway near the fo...
Shortly after 23:00 on Thursday evening, Fayette County Station 11 was alerted of a working abandoned structure fire on River Road in Dawson Borough. A second alarm was requested which added Westmore...
Life Member Dedication


A Lifetime member of the Smithton Volunteer Fire Department is someone that has 20+ years of service with the department or is over the age of 65.  The current members want to thank them for their dedication, leadership and paving the way for the future.

Life Member Awards at the 100 Year Banquet
1913 ~ 2013




Deceased Lifetime Members

 Steve Litterini                

 Charles A. Seglowich

 Carl Nicholas Sr.

 Amel Powley

 Glenn Christner

 Walter Clegg

 William Kreuter

 John H. Kruper

 Jack Sechrist

 Harry Foster

 Albert Delaini

 Robert Schneider

 James Fontana

 Carl Nicholas Jr.

 Bill Smith

 Bob Ulish Sr.

 Frank King III          

 Joseph Orlandi

 Charles Lori

 Kirg Rupert Sr.




Inactive Lifetime Members
                           Year Joined   Year Joined
 Tom Morrisey 1963 Mike Kadar April 1976
 Bill Smith 1960's Fred Foster Nov. 1971
 Ron Harrish April 1969 Reed Kruper Sept. 1981


Active Lifetime Members
  Year Joined       Year Joined
 Bud Seglowich Feb. 1969 Cindy Seglowich Oct. 1981
 Dana Dongilli Sept. 1974 Bob Prah Sr. Feb. 1983
 Joel Ribniscky Sept. 1974

 Dave Layman

 May 1986
 Frank FlowerSept. 1976

 Ken Pritts

 Jan. 1989
 Dennis DeSimone July 1978

 Tammy Prah

 July 1989
 Mary Ulish Aug. 1980 Charles Blum Nov. 1997
   Mike DeSimone  Nov. 1997


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