At 20:55 Stations 107(Turkeytown), 17(Smithton), 19(Yukon), 58(Scottdale), Tanker 74(East Huntingdon) and Air 38(Mt. Pleasant) were activated for reports of smoke and flames coming from the rear of a ...
This past Wednesday a young man was working on a house in when he was injured in an accident. He sustained life threatening injuries to his arm while severing several arteries and veins. He was brough...
As storms rolled through the Smithton Area around 21:00, roadways began to flood as calls came in to the 9-1-1 center. Station 17(Smithton) was originally activated for a flooded roadway near the fo...
Shortly after 23:00 on Thursday evening, Fayette County Station 11 was alerted of a working abandoned structure fire on River Road in Dawson Borough. A second alarm was requested which added Westmore...
2023 Members


Line Officers  Executive Officers
Chief Joel Ribniscky President Tom Haynes
Asst. Chief 1 Nick Frohnhofer Vice-President Cody Gilock
Asst. Chief 2 Marty Ponebshek Treasure Bud Blum
Asst. Chief 3 Cody Gillock Secretary Tammy Prah
Captain Bill Hribar Jr Chaplain Joel Ribniscky
Lieutenant 1 Chuck Blum Sgt. at Arms  Chuck Blum
Lieutenant 2 Kody Lynn   
Chief Engineer Darrin Lynn  Station Officer Joe Trovato
Engineer 2 Don Wood Jr.   
Engineer 3 Frank Flower   


Executive Board Members 
Tom HaynesJoel Ribniscky  Marty Ponebshek
Darrin Lynn         Bud BlumMary Ulish
Don Wood Jr.Cody GillockFrank Flower



Regular Members
Bob AshbaughChuck Frohnhofer *Darrin LynnBill Rupert *
Bud Blum *Nick FrohnhoferKody LynnCassandra Swiantek
Charles Blum *Cody GillockChip PayneMark Swiantek
Dylan Cameron **Tom Haynes *Marty Ponebshek Sr.Joe Trovato *
Lindsey DawsonBill Hribar Jr.Marty PonebshekMary Ulish *
Dennis DeSimone *Alex HynekBob Prah Sr. *Zack Varnail **
Dana Dongilli *Maverick KefoverBob Prah Jr.Don Wood Jr.
Nancy Dongilli *Tim LegazzaTami Prah *Kelly Wood
Frank Flower *Courtney LeightyJoel Ribniscky * 
Don Wood III [Military]   
** = Probationary Member                       * = Life Member


Junior Firefighters
Savana WoodNick Pravlik 


Associate Members  
Jeff Seglowich                      Linda Rupert                   
Bob UlishTammy Ulish  
Greg SobekMichael Ulish   
Mike SteinerJen Lynn 


Special Members
 Chris Vargo  

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